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Marathon, New York
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      Our near 30 years of experience quarantees the seller a clean, courteous & respectful handling of the items in your home or workplace that are to be sold at auction. If you are in need of an auction company to settle an estate or just size down a bit, why not consider our company to handle this task for you. Our vast knowledge about antiques makes this the best place to sell your treasures. Give us a call today at: 1-607-849-6305. We're here to answer your call. If we are out, please leave us a message!  


PLEASE NOTE!! This Auction Is Under Construction! Please Check Back For Additional Listings & Photos! Thank You!!       

SUNDAY - NOV. 5 - 12:00 NOON

RT. - 11N - EXIT - 9 (I-81)
(About 25 North of Binghamton, NY)

Photos & Complete Listing at:
      Marathon Auction Sales is proud to announce that we will be working on Several Excellent Estates from Central New York. We begin with the toys etc from the “Estate of Harrison J. Wilcox” from Smyrna, NY. This 28 Room Homestead was Packed to the Gills. There are many quality sales to follow in the next few months. We are also Proud to Announce that we have a second consignment of many quality toys making this an Excellent Toy Auction. There are other Quality Consignments added to make up this excellent auction. This will be one not to miss with many more to follow.
Specials Items: 1984 Chrysler LaBaron “K” Car Convertible, In Very Nice Condition. (Only 1105 of this year made), 2002 Chrysler Sebring w/ new engine and 20,000 miles- Convertible, “Ferris” Zero Turn Type Lawn Mower (22 HP Motor), Gravely Lawn Mower w/ Snow Blower Attachment -Runs Well, Honda 350 Four Motorcycle w/ Side Car, 10Ft. Wooden Pond Boat, As Found Sail Boat w/ Rudders & Mast etc. ,
Coins: Large Selection of Coins to Include Assorted Morgan & Peace Dollars, Silver Eagles, Proof Silver Eagles In Cases, 1964 Kennedy Halves, Silver 1 oz. Ingots, Franklin & Walking Liberty Halves, Mercury & Roosevelt Dimes, US Mint Bags of 1979 Copper Pennies- $50 Unopened, Several 1 Oz. Silver $5 Canadian Coins- Uncirculated and More
Toys: Rare Baby Cyclone Airplane Engine, Several Marx Tin Windup Toys, Match Box Toys Mint in Boxes, Several Mint Red Liner Matchbox Toys, Dinky Toy London Routemaster Bus, Pressed Steel 30’s-40’s Toys, Tonka & Buddy L Trucks in boxes, Cap’t America Puzzles, Marx Tin Windup Army Toys, Nice NyLint Windup Car in Box, Nice Mechanical Speed Car, w/ as is box, Merchants Transfer Marx Tin Windup Delivery Truck - Beautiful, Military Cap Gun in Box, Playwoodie Army Truck w/ Canon, Beautiful Graphic Child’s Lunch Box, Another Nice Child’s Lunch Box w/ Tray, Large number of John Deere Tractors, Ford Tractors, Other Toy Tractors, John Deere Farm Implements, Wooden Converse Toy Barn w/ Stanchions, Exc. Assortment of USA Made Early Celluloid Farm Animals, Early Celluloid Pack Mules-USA, Early Cow & Sheep Celluloid Rattles, USA Early Celluloid Safari Animals, Abcor Rubber Farm Animals, Lionel & Marx Train Accessories, Hafner 1010 Tin Key Wind Train Set w/ Engine & 5 Cars, Actual Size Pottery Basketball Bank on Base, Assorted Noise Makers, 1934 Monopoly Game Board, Great Schlitz Baseball Stand Up Advertisement, Child’s Coke Dispenser in Box w/ Accessories, Board Games, Roy Rogers etc. Mint Big Little Books, Mint Marx Boomerang Toy in Box, Tony Sarg’s Mechanical Book, Ohio Art Sand Pail, Ohio Art Tin Childs Sets, Early Childs AJ Kitchen Utensils, Zeroids Robot in Case, Exc. Franklin Mint Moveable Parts Toys in Boxes, 1934 Paper Egg Carton, Billy the Kid & Wyatt Earp Action Figs. in Boxes, Ohio Art Bizzy Buzz Buzz, Lesney & Matchbox Cars (some in original boxes), Etc., Mickey Mouse & Batman Pez Candies etc.
Dolls, Steiff etc: Rare Madame Hendron Dolls w/ Cylinder Record Player Inside, Rare Japanese Girl Days Doll Set w/ Very Large Display of Japanese Emperor & Empress & Attendents & Accessories (This is the Japanese version of what Americans refer to as our doll houses), JDK #12 German Bisque Head Baby Doll w/ Bent Limb Body (Sleep Eyes, Open Mouth w/ Two Teeth, Photo & Provenance), Halbig # 1250 - 10 ½”Bisque head Doll w/ Kid Body (Sleep Eyes, Earrings, Open Mouth w/ Teeth & More W/ Provenance), Nice Schoenhut Doll, Early Compo Effanbee Patsy Babyette (needs restringing), Rare Large 30’s Celluloid Doll, Neat Miss Curity Nurse Dolls in Boxes, Lg. Compo Boy Doll, Compo Girl Scout Doll, Milbro Indian Doll in Box, Beatnik Dools in Boxes, Mattel 1964 “Ricky” Skipper’s Friend Doll in Box, Trade- in Special Living Skipper in Box, Character Dolls, Celluloid Doll, Topper Toy Dolls MIB ( Dawn & her Friends Angie & Glori), Miss Tasty Freeze Doll in Box, Assorted Newer Steiff Bears in Boxes, Early Composition Charlie McCarthy Doll, Early Composition & Wood Pete Doll, Composition Navy Dolls, Nice Set of Celluloid Child’s Dishes in Box, Dick Tracy Bonnie Braids Doll in Box, Assorted Early Composition Baby Dolls in Nice Condition, Wooden Doll Accessories, Child’s Chairs, Child’s Painted Step Back Cupboard, Great Salesman’s Sample Victorian Bed, Early 40’s Madame Alexander Compo Doll, Excellent German Celluloid Doll w/ Turtle Mark etc.

Note!! Please Arrange Any Absentee or Phone Bids Before The Day of Sale. Thank You!!

Preview Starting at 10:00 AM, 12% Buyers Premium, Visa, M/C & Discover, Cash or Good Check, Café by “The Sherman House Restaurant” & “Linanis Cookie Factory”

Your Auctioneers:
Jerry Wilcox & Benny Hodkinson

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 After 30 years of running our Business here at Riverbend Antiques, Tom and I have decided to sell out this portion of our business. Our Antique Center is
FOR SALE through Tompkins Cortland Real Estate.
We will continue with our well established auction business for years to come

Tom and I wish to thank all our Friends & Patrons who have supported us all these years. We will Miss you all.
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